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Hey you guys news time. Local record shop and family friends of mine Dr. Freecloud’s needs your help. Ron and Helen are super rad, nice people who welcome everyone who comes into the store. There’s no awkward sense of needing to look a certain way or be into a certain type of music, Dr. Freecloud’s is just a cool place to hang out and record hunt in.

They are currently holding an indigogo campaign to help keep the shop alive and awesome, so if you could check it out that would be super cool. If you can’t donate don’t fret, please help spread the word though as that would be really helpful. 

Dr. Freecloud’s does have its roots in early hardcore/drum n bass music. But that doesn’t limit them to just one genre. They always have awesome classic rock and hip hop and new wave too. Their rare box is truly a box of treasures! And if I’m being completely honest you feel comfortable there like no one is judging what you buy which I can’t say for many other record stores I’ve been in. 

Recent finds for me have been: Zepplin’s Houses of the Holy & Physical Graffiti, Bowie’s Young Americans, and Blondie’s Parallel Lines

I’ve gotten a vast majority of my records there and my collection is varied in genre and time period. So please help in any way you can. Thank you so much! (: